A portrait of Ika Forssell


Paintings by Ika Forssell

I have lived many years in Singapore as well as Japan and even Brazil. In Singapore, I studied art under an Indian artist and participated in exhibitions in various countries, including Malaysia, India, USA, Germany, and Spain. A significant moment in my path towards creating art was during a meeting with a Balinese medicine man, who boosted my creativity with his magical touch.

Upon returning to Sweden, I chose to stay in Österlen, a very artsy area in the very south of Sweden. More precisely in the former general store in the little village of Örum, where many locals remember picking up their everyday supplies, such as milk, bread, and nails.


Invigningsfest – Öppet hus!

February 22, 2024

Välkommen att ta en titt på Art Shack Malmö och känna av vibbarna i din nya skaparlokal. Lördag den 2 mars har vi öppet hus mellan 14 och 18 och alla är välkomna. Vi bjuder på lite snacks och dryck, och du kan få prova på lite målartekniker om du vill. Adress: John Ericssons väg 83 i Malmö.

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How I work

In an effort to celebrate all the wonderful cultural differences in our world, I mix details from various media, such as Japanese washi paper, Indonesian batik, African boldly printed fabrics etc, in my paintings not seldom taking it even further, mixing cultural attributes freely in my art.