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Pottery by Ika Eriksson

I learned wheel throwing while living in Singapore under mainly two masters: Chew Seow Phuang and Jessie Lim. During my time in Asia, and specifically in Japan, I adapted a love for unique, handmade pottery with inspiration from nature. In Japan, it is more important to match a bowl or a plate with whatever it contains, than with the rest of the plates and bowls on the table – an attitude that resonates greatly with me.

The craft of pottery is like a bottomless well where you incessantly find new methods and techniques. Now that I am stuck in the mud, I am utterly unwilling to come out of it.

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Invigningsfest – Öppet hus!

February 22, 2024

Välkommen att ta en titt på Art Shack Malmö och känna av vibbarna i din nya skaparlokal. Lördag den 2 mars har vi öppet hus mellan 14 och 18 och alla är välkomna. Vi bjuder på lite snacks och dryck, och du kan få prova på lite målartekniker om du vill. Adress: John Ericssons väg 83 i Malmö.

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My pottery process


My pottery process

The clay body I use is stoneware, and I use midrange glazes. Some of my glazes, I have mixed by myself from raw materials. This is so much fun, and greatly satisfying when the result is good. Some are commercial ready-made glazes. I always experiment with layering different glazes in various ways, which often gives me that coveted, delicious drip.

The seal that I stamp my pieces with (イカ), is Japanese katakana (phonetical characters) for Ika. Ika is my name, but it also means squid in Japanese. Imagine the giggles my name induces in Japan.

All pieces are both microwave and dishwasher safe. But they will break if you drop them on the floor.

My pottery process